Water that doesn't cost the earth.

The Waterpod makes affordable purified refill water part of everyone's regular shopping.

The world's most advanced grocery-store drinking water refill system.


What is a Waterpod?

I-Drop's next generation grocery-store purified drinking water refill system.

Combining advanced purification technology into a compact, user-friendly design, connected to the internet for remote monitoring and control - the Waterpod is the future of affordable, environmentally-friendly drinking water, born in Africa.


How it works

We make it simple:

  1. Shop-owners sell refill water.

  2. Shoppers save money and plastic.

  3. I-Drop purifies water.

No capital cost to shop-owners.

We sign a contract with a grocery store owner and install a Waterpod at no capital cost to shop-owner.

After every installation, water is tested to make sure it’s safe and tastes great.

Shoppers Refill, Pay & Save

Waterpods purify water. Shoppers Refill their own drinking water containers and pay at the till by the litre for the water they need.

The more shoppers buy, the more they save money, health and the environment.

I-Drop services & shares sales with shop owners

Waterpods deliver low-cost, high profit-margins  to shop owners through I-Drop's remote monitoring technology and innovative revenue-share commercial model.


I-Drop tracks all water sold through each Waterpod and invoices monthly in arrears, typically for 50% of water sales volumes.


Why it works

Purified Drinking Water,

Affordable for Everyone

A fraction of the price of bottled water.

Convenient and easy to use, for young and old.

Make safe drinking water part of your weekly shopping by switching to refills. You'll feel the saving in your pocket immediately.

The planet will feel the saving in plastic reduction for centuries. 

Multi-stage Water Purification 

Purification that packs a punch,

without wasting water.

Real-time Online Monitoring.

Integrated I-Drop Water Connected Network Technology

Smart data technology delivering insights and improved reliability, 

Install Anywhere, Simple to Maintain

Great for shop owners, and for shoppers.

For shop owners: no drainage plumbing and a compact form enables installation just about anywhere in store.

For shoppers: a built-in dispenser provides pre-programmed refills for common 5L and 10L sizes; and a hose-gun helps you refill larger containers that can stay in your shopping cart while filling.

A Waterpod In Every Grocery Store in Africa

Does your grocery store have a Waterpod?

Safe drinking water should not be a luxury. Our mission is to make affordable, purified drinking water accessible to everyone.

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