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New Waterpod Update: Food Lover's Market - East London

Food Lover's Market in East London, South Africa, has been a great example of a large supermarket committing to choice for shoppers. We're thrilled to announce an upgrade of the older I-Drop machines with two new Waterpods!

The Waterpod by I-Drop is designed to work in all grocery store environments - from small forecourt stores to the biggest supermarkets. For high-footfall locations like the Food Lover's Market in East London, multiple Waterpods help alleviate high demand and reduce queue times. It's all about convenience for shoppers and sustainability for shop owners.


Environmental Impact

As a reminder, Food Lover's Market has delivered some incredible environmental impact numbers - true to their commitment to fresh produce, less plastic packaging and local business. Thanks as always to the Food Lover's team and shopping community for this amazing commitment.

If you think your shop would do well with a Waterpod by I-Drop, please get in touch and we'll see if we can help you and your shoppers change the world with refill water while helping your business' bottom line.

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