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New Waterpod Update: Spargs Superspar - East London

Building a business that's a little different and trying to do things differently is challenging, to put it mildly! When you're starting out, bigger businesses that decide to help out and give smaller players a chance can make all the difference. The team at Spargs Superspar in East London are a case in point of how big businesses can enable newer starters.

I-Drop's first ever machine was installed in Spargs in East London, South Africa, in 2015. Back then, the I-Drop team was still figuring out a lot about this industry (you can read more about that journey here and here) and the Spargs team gave us a chance, patiently walking the road with us as we dialed it in. We're delighted to have recently installed a new Waterpod at Spargs and look forward to working with the team there as they continue to deliver great value and service to the East London community.


Environmental Impact

To say the Spargs team and their shopping community has had an impact would be understating it! Over the last five years, Spargs shoppers have made a massive commitment towards environmental sustainability, while saving money and buying hundreds of thousands of litres of safe drinking water. Affordability and sustainability are what the Waterpod by I-Drop is all about.

If you think your shop would do well with a Waterpod by I-Drop, please get in touch and we'll see if we can help you and your shoppers change the world with refill water while helping your business' bottom line.

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