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Shop Profile: FreshStop - Caltex Falckvlei

The Freshstop group have been a great friend to I-Drop and we're really proud to work with a number of forecourt stores across South Africa. The Freshstop at Caltex Falckvlei is just outside Bloemfontein in South Africa; we installed an I-Drop V3 system there in 2018.

I-Drop systems are designed and built to be positioned and installed just about anywhere in a shop. Taking up less than one square meter of floor-space and producing no waste-water byproduct, our systems bring the choice of refill water to some of the smallest retail outlets.


Environmental Impact

Its in the name: "fill up, fresh up!", Freshstop is all about bringing fresh food and produce to shoppers on the move. Drinking water refills are increasingly becoming part of shoppers' refill habits: fill the vehicle with fuel, refill the water containers with drinking water! The difference is that refill water has a great environmental impact and shoppers at Freshstop Falckvlei are really doing their part. Keep it up!

Find out more about the Waterpod by I-Drop and please get in touch if you'd like a Waterpod in your store, or if you know a shop-owner who may need one.

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