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Shop Profile: Shell - Mayville

The I-Drop V3 system at Shell in Mayville was installed in November 2017.

Located at 130 Van Rensburg Street in Pretoria, South Africa, the Shell Mayville is a busy service station serving both local residents and thousands of shoppers travelling from Johannesburg and Pretoria to the northern parts of the country.


Environmental Impact

As with all stores offering I-Drop refill water systems to shoppers, the beneficial impact is not just on shoppers' wallets but also in helping the environments. Compared to less water-efficient purification technologies and the plastic / carbon impact of pre-bottled water, I-Drop's V3 and new Waterpod systems deliver significant environmental benefits. At Shell Mayville the environmental impact of choosing refill water over bottled water has been amazing!

Look out for the new Waterpod by I-Drop in your grocery store or get in touch if you'd like to refer a local shop-owner.

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